Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city

Overview of the city

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly capital and the largest city of Portugal. The city is having a population of around 552,700 within a limit of 100.05 km that comes under an administrative area. On the other hand, talking about its urban area, it extends the population as compared to the administrative area and has a population of around 2.7 million. Lisbon city is ranked as the 11 most populous urban cities in the European Union. 

Lisbon city has received recognition by the globalization and world cities(GAWC) for its alpha-level global city status as the city has been able to develop itself in the prominent fields of the economy such as education, tourism, finance, commerce, entertainment, arts and media.  Apart from Porto, the only city that got recognized as a global city is none other than Lisbon. With the emergence of growing financial sector, it has become the vital source in terms of import and export and considered as the major economic center on the continent and also turned out be the largest container ports situated on the Atlantic coast.  The Lisbon city stands at a place of 32nd place in terms of gross earnings in the world and also the major political Centre of the country. Lisbon is also the major economic, political and cultural center.

Things to do here

  • In Lisbon, one can have upbeat vibes of the city having stylish discos, nightclubs around and can do clubbing and can have a feel of electro and different types of music including DJ’s and occasional concerts and facility of two dance floors are available.
  • Alfama is a place in Lisbon which is quite popular to explore and enjoy the streets and alleys which make you relive the old era because of its architecture of 19th century buildings. The place is also popular for Restaurants, Cafe, and clubs.
  • Lisbon is also popular for uphill trails and narrow streets and can go to explore areas with the help of the guide to feel the unconventional experience.
  • Going for boating is a good option and boats here can carry two to eight members at one time and wade through between Belem tower and Alfama. 


  • The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
  • Museu da Electricidade
  • Museu da Marinha
  • Museu Colecçao Berardo