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Portugal may be the smallest country on the Iberian Peninsula, but that does not mean that it It is not worth visiting. It has so many historic buildings that have been converted into fantastic accommodation that there is hardly a reason to stay in a boring lodge or chain hotel.

Staying at the Best Western Castillo Del Sol means you have plenty of options for lunch and dinner, and you can expect great food, great service and great views of the city.

With just 19 rooms and suites, the service is wonderfully personal and the fitness centre allows you to detox, while the Flore do Bairro restaurant, serving delicious Portuguese cuisine, will revive the festive spirit. Although there are so many restaurants in Lisbon, you won't miss the fact that there is a restaurant in the hotel. Stroll through Lisbon and enjoy fine Portuguese cuisine at Tipico restaurant or dine in one of the many bars and restaurants in Castillo Del Sol.

It is located in the historic centre of Lisbon and is one of the most beautiful hotels in Lisbon, with a great view of Castillo del Sol and the city centre.

The beaches of the Algarve are of course fantastic and have been developed in recent decades, with a large number of hotels and restaurants in the area. Most of them are concentrated in seaside resorts that attract surfers, such as the beach town of Porto and Lisbon city centre.

Martinhal Lisbon and Chiado Family Suites offer great views of the city centre and surrounding area, and two new pousadas are planned for 2012. The hotel overlooks the city of Porto, which is beautifully lit at night, as well as a beautiful beach and a large number of restaurants and bars.

Southern Portugal is rural, peaceful, agricultural and traditional along the coast and even has some of the best farms in Portugal, just like the Algarve coast. Although there are by far the largest hotel chains, the term "pousada" refers to cheaper hotels and more guesthouses, which can lead to some confusion. Although you won't see as many hotels as in other parts of the country, they are all there and you don't have to travel far to feel it.

In Portugal, the use of the word is registered as a trademark and reserved for the national youth hostel Hostelling International. Although it also means "hostel" or "guesthouse," the rooms are not classified as part of a Pousadas de Portugal chain, but as you would expect from a hotel name in Portugal. Each room is a bit larger than a standard hotel room and a bit smaller than an apartment.

If you have special needs, the Best Western Castillo Del Sol offers rooms designed to ensure a comfortable and safe stay. If you really want to go on holiday, you can choose a suite with sea view, but not board if you prefer not to swim in the sea.

If spectacular views are a must, you should know that you won't get everything, but don't forget the beautiful views of the city, the beach and the sea, as well as the breathtaking views from the hotel balcony.

This iconic hotel combines pure luxury with cultural heritage and offers guests the best of both worlds offered at the Comercio do Comerio. The hotel's 19 rooms are located right within the medieval city walls and offer free-standing bathtubs with breathtaking views of the city, the beach and the sea, as well as the magnificent views from the hotel balcony.

Bairro Alto is a high-altitude area where visitors can explore Lisbon and enjoy panoramic views of the city. You can also go back to the old days of the Portuguese Republic and visit the nearby town of Sintra and take a walk through the beautiful gardens and trees that grow in the Park do Seixo. When you travel to Lisbon, look for the best hotels in Lisbon with great views and great food, as well as great restaurants.

Best Western Hotel has a stunning price of 309 euros (as of February 2017) for a King Bed, but there are many other options at the same price as the best Western hotel.

Best Western Opera Leige in Paris would cost $154 per night if you bought points in 2016. Best Western Opera at the Opera de Leiges, Paris, is available for 154 euros (as of February 2017) for a king bed for two nights.

Portugal has a number of resort hotels, often accommodating golfers and families, but it is a modest, quiet and pleasant region, which offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. Take this 23-room guest house or this 22-room guest house in a hotel in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

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