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Hilton Worldwide today announced that its DoubleTree by Hilton brand will arrive in Portugal today following the opening of the first Hilton hotel in Lisbon, Portugal's capital. Hilton today announced that it is doubling its portfolio by opening three new hotels in Lisbon and the Porto region of Portugal, which together cost €60 million. Today, Hilton announced that it will double its holdings in Europe's largest hotel chain and open two new Hilton hotels and one Hilton hotel at Lisbon International Airport (LISP). Hilton (NYSE: HLT) Today it was announced that the company has doubled its portfolio by opening three newer hotels in Spain's largest hotel system, Portugal International Airport (PIM), representing a total investment of over EUR 60 million.

DoubleTree is the 13th European country to recently open its first hotel in Lisbon and its second in Porto. In Spain, where Hilton operates 14 retail hotels, it continues to introduce new brands, including the Conrad Algarve on the Costa del Sol and the Hilton Bom Sucesso Obidos Resort, which is due to open next winter and in Madrid in 2021. The Lisbon property will complement the existing Hilton Vilamoura, which opened in 2015, and the new Hilton Rio Grande, located in the historic centre of Lisbon, which will invest a total of over €30 million, while Conrador Algarves will open in Pim next year in partnership with Hilton's parent company Hilton Worldwide.

While we were there, we looked at the corner of the city where Portuguese ceramic tiles adorn the walls, and while attractive, the actual design of each room is attractive. Unlike many hotels we have seen here, however, the platforms in this hotel extend around the mattress by a few inches, which makes it difficult not to hit your shins at least once a day.

As the locals have told us, visiting the Belem Tower and tasting the pasta de belem is like going on holiday to London while you try a cup of tea. The chef creates a special sauce that tastes only bonsai, making it the perfect accompaniment to hot tea and a great addition to any meal.

Guests can enjoy the many picturesque beaches and golf courses surrounding the hotel, including the popular Ponte da Luz golf course and the Lourdes Golf Club on the beach. The coast west of Lisbon offers other leisure activities, including the beaches of Porto, the city's most popular tourist destination. DoubleTree by Hilton offers modern accommodation and amenities, including a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and fitness center. Since the Hilton Hotel has become one of the most prestigious hotels in Lisbon, Portugal, with its modern aesthetic, our goal is to provide the ambience of a Portuguese hotel and to offer our guests and staff a unique experience to meet in person in our hotel in front of our beautiful, modern and modern design.

Guests can enjoy the many picturesque beaches and golf courses surrounding the hotel, including the popular Ponte da Luz golf course and the Lourdes Golf Club on the beach. Our proximity to one of the main streets of the city connects us to the most popular tourist destinations in Porto and other tourist attractions.

Here you will experience the unforgettable experience you deserve in Lisbon, the most beautiful city in Europe and the world. Hilton Hotel Lisbon Fontana Park is well located for those who want to explore the old town and do business in and outside the city centre. Lisbon Portela Airport is one of the busiest airports in Portugal with a capacity of more than 1.5 million passengers per day. Our hotel is located just 5 km from the airport and the city centre, and benefits from excellent public transport links. We are located on the top floor of a high-rise building in the heart of Porto, within walking distance of many popular tourist attractions such as the Lourdes Golf Club and Ponte da Luz.

The hotel was converted into an iron mill in 2008 and has earned its reputation as a top choice for accommodation in Lisbon. European countries where DoubleTree Hilton has real estate in development, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. With 17 properties currently traded in Europe, our collection has exceptional destinations including London, Rome and Paris.

In Portugal, Hilton has four commercial hotels, including the Conrad Algarve, and eight more are in the pipeline. It will be the third Curio Collection hotel in Portugal after the opening of DoubleTree by Hilton in Lisbon in 2015 and Hilton by Marriott in Porto in 2016. The hotel, the first of its kind in Europe, will open in 2021 and will be located on the site of a former ironworks in the heart of Lisbon's historic centre, in an upscale residential area overlooking the city centre.

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