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The real estate market in Lisbon is in full swing in 2016 and 2017 and promises many changes in the years to come. One thing is certain: operational real estate is becoming a very important part of the economic and political landscape of the city, opening up new investment and development opportunities. Investments in Portuguese real estate in Lisbon in 2017 are a sign that the property market in Lisbon is in a bubble.

Learn how to invest, calculate your spending and profits, and what it is worth. All the details can be found on our page dedicated to the real estate market in Portugal in 2019.

If you want to know more, have a look at our article on where to buy property in Lisbon and where to buy in Portugal. If you are visiting Lisbon or want to stay there, it would be interesting to see if there are good hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, New York or other major cities.

This gives buyers a great opportunity to buy property in Portugal, and the owners and estate agents take care of distressed property sales. If you are looking to sell or rent Portuguese property, there are many real estate agencies that can help you ensure a smooth process.

As it is a printed publication, you will also need to choose the right ombudsman, as this is one of the most important issues in the property industry.

To learn more about the purchase process, we invite you to read our article. As always, Pearls Portugal has the latest and selected offers on its website and we can help you understand and hold your hand in the real estate market. In addition to the advice provided by real estate agencies, you will also find someone who speaks the language so that he or she can explain everything to you before you decide to invest in a property in Lisbon or another city in Portugal.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the senior and expatriate market with a wide range of financial planning, real estate management and investment management services.

Setubal Lisbon is an expensive place to buy property and Many are considering Lisbon, where you could get a Golden Visa for investors for half the price of an apartment in Lisbon.

At the moment, there are areas where it may be more practical to buy property, but they are all in Lisbon. Lisbon and the Algarve district of Faro are the destinations with the lowest property prices, with 119 euros being the target for the low property prices. At present, Lisbon is the area where this could be better possible for buying property, but at the moment it is more expensive than the rest of the region, especially in the city centre.

Airbnb is the most popular option, while renting a house and apartment is more common in the city, which has many students and foreign residents. Although it is sometimes expensive, Airbnb usually has a lower price than the property market in Lisbon and the Algarve district of Faro.

This shows that the properties in Lisbon are on the market separately and that buying a home in a more remote area is not a problem at all. If you want to buy property outside Lisbon, you should take a closer look at the location of the city. Even if you cannot invest in property outside Lisbon, you could still choose to build your own home.

For example, properties in Lisbon are 80% more expensive than in Porto, but the average daily rate is only 20% more expensive and the payment is only half the rental value. If you sell your property outside Lisbon, there is a percentage of the net profit that the estate agent is allowed to take.

The most popular investment route is property purchase, and investors have spent more than EUR 4 billion on the purchase of a Portuguese GM. It is possible to achieve the much-desired 1%, which is currently lacking, by investing in real estate in Portugal.

To check property prices in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities, you can use a tool developed by INE (National Statistics Institute), which allows you to check property prices in Lisbon and other major Portuguese cities. Obtaining a TIN is necessary because the purchaser becomes a Portuguese taxpayer when buying a property in Portuguese. If you are the current owner of a property in Lisbon (Portugal), you will have to include capital gains tax in your calculations even if you are not officially living in Lisbon. You must pay a fixed interest rate of 28% on your capital gains, whether you live or not.

This is an enormous financial burden, as opposed to trying to sell your property if you decide to leave Portugal or if you have for some reason decided to leave Portugal.

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